Last Comic Standing is a waste of time

Enough with comics bitching about Last Comic Standing "destroying the credibility of the art of standup" or being "sick" and "unseemly" for forcing contestants to heckle each other.

First off, what credibility?

Second off, who cares? It's obvious how lame the show is: The tryout process is rigged (all contestants already determined beforehand). The judges, ex-contestants, are comics who are less funny than a lot of the auditioners. Shows are edited terribly (the routines are chopped up so bad you don't even know what's happening). The laugh tracks are way overdone and the cut-to-audience-member-laughing-hysterically takes are way fake. And some guy in a gorilla mask keeps showing up. Cuz gorilla masks are so funny!

Not even worth the attention. Moving on...

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