Video: "I Need Laughs: I Need Laughs (Part 6 of 7)"

Part 6 of "I Need Laughs: One week in the trenches of the New York underground comedy scene." No booked shows means open mic'ing. This clip has me trying out some new bits and talking with other comics about mics. And I drop by the Cellar for a minute too. Funny thing: Josh Comers, the guy who makes the "paying your dues" joke, is now a writer for Conan.

More of "I Need Laughs" (and details about it) here.


Abbi Crutchfield said...

This has been my favorite episode yet.

"Why don't you write more?"
--It's hard.

Amen Brother! Comparing rehearsing your stand-up at mics to training at the Special Olympics is funny. Except I go in and out of having Down syndrome.

Being responsible for running a mic forces you to treat it like you're getting paid at Caroline's. Because that's one night that you are guaranteed not to be.

Phil said...

Awesome series, Matt. Can't wait for the finale. Thanks for putting this together.

london caling said...

loving the paying your dues gag !

great series BTW .

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