Good Katz Hot Soup and upcoming Boston shows

The lineup for Friday (6/9) night's show:

Louis Katz
Karl Hess
Jason Good
David Smithyman
Andy Haynes
Matt Ruby

Hot Soup!
Every Friday at 8pm
O'Hanlon's (back room)
349 E 14th St between 1st and 2nd Ave. (map)
Produced by Matt Ruby, Mark Normand, Andy Haynes, and David Cope

You can also see me at these shows:

June 9 - 9:00pm - CSL Anniversary Show @ Kabin
June 9 - 10:00pm - Comedy Death Match @ The Creek
June 10 - 8:00pm - Hot Soup @ O'Hanlon's
June 11 - 9:00pm - SOS @ Village Lantern
June 11 - 11:00pm - SOS @ Village Lantern
June 14 - 8:00pm - See You Next Tuesday @ Simply Fondue
June 17 - 8:00pm - Stone Mill Theater (Little Falls, NY)
June 21 - 8:30pm - Gotham Comedy Club (Vintage Lounge)
June 22 - 8:00pm - Mottley's (Boston, MA)
June 22 - 9:30pm - Lilypad (Boston, MA)
June 23 - 8:00pm - Mottley's (Boston, MA)
June 24 - 8:00pm - The Comedy Studio (Boston, MA)
June 26 - 8:00pm - Cold Soda @ The PIT

More shows

1 comment:

Abbi Crutchfield said...

That lineup is fierce! (In honor of the It Gets Better campaign I am incorporating terms commonly reserved for encouraging young theater students).

Um, sorry to be so direct, but can I get booked on all the shows you have listed on your upcoming calendar?

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