The Johnny Cash of comedy, mushroom trips, and The Green Room

Dave Attell and Doug Stanhope exchange [via SM]:

Stanhope: Here’s a Dave Attell story: Dave always talks in the same cadence, so you never know if he’s kidding or not. So he’s like, “I’m going to New Orleans. Remember when we were in New Orleans, and we got drunk and did an open mic, and then you hopped a freight train?” And it sounded like a joke, and I laughed, but he’s like, “No, I’m serious.” I’m like, “I’ve never played New Orleans.” What happened is Andy Andrist and I drove like hell to see Lewis Black, Dave Attell, and Mitch Hedberg on the same bill. We had played Georgia, drove 12 hours to be there, saw the show, got s***-faced, and we ended up at an open mic, and then, evidently, I jumped on a freight train by the (?) place, just to see if I… But I thought he was kidding. And he’s like, “No, you jumped a freight train…” [Laughs]

Attell: He’s great. He’s the Johnny Cash of comedy.

Stanhope: Yeah, I went one hundred yards.

Attell: He actually took a hobo trip to the next gig.

Stanhope: One hundred yards, and then I ran back going, “I jumped a freight train!”

This video also goes behind the scenes during season two of The Green Room with Paul Provenza. Quote from Joe Rogan: "If you want to write a new hour, you need at least one big mushroom trip in the mix." And here's the Belzer book Stanhope goes after up top.

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Very interesting. I like your article and your blog in general! Funny stuff!

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