Big Hot Soup and We're All Friends Here shows this weekend

Sunday: Hot Soup
Hot Soup this Sunday (Oct 9) has a great lineup:
Reggie Watts (Conan)
Rich Fulcher (British comedy series The Mighty Boosh)
Sean Patton (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
Hari Kondabolu (Comedy Central)
Nick Turner (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
Lisa Delarios (Comedy Central)

Mark's hosting and I'm doing a spot.

155 E. 3rd Street (at Avenue A)
Sundays at 9pm - $5
Make reservations now

Saturday: We're All Friends Here
The comedy chat show with boundary issues is back again on Saturday (Oct 8). The lineup (with commentary from Mark):
Andy Sandford (Don't Let him near a Baby)
Amber Nelson (Might Live in the Woods)
Jessimae Peluso (Breaking Bad is based on her)

Saturday, Oct 8 - 8:00pm
The Creek and The Cave (directions)
10-93 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City, NY
Just one stop from Manhattan and Brooklyn

You can listen to the previous episodes of the show at BreakThru Radio.

More shows
Other upcoming shows I'm doing:
Thu 10/6 - 8:30pm - Comedy Dungeon @ Jazz on the Park
Fri 10/7 - 8pm - We Settled @ Karma
Tue 10/11 - 8pm - Gene Hackman (Guest Tweeter) @ UCB East
Wed 10/12 - 8pm - Our Amazing Show @ Holiday Cocktail Lounge
Thu 10/13 - 9pm - Comedy Castle @ Castle Braid

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