Nick Griffin on trying to make depression come out joyful

Comedian Nick Griffin talks sleep, shows and sadness.

How does it feel being described by (WTF Podcast host) Marc Maron as one of the only comedians “more unhappy than I am”?

Yeah, that’s true. I’m working on that. I don’t know — I mean, look, I get the blues and I write a lot about it and I try to make my comedy as personal as possible. I am a kind of a depressive guy, but hopefully it comes out somewhat joyful on stage, at least for the people to hear. Comics in general are pretty miserable people. The nature of comedy is to look at the world and find out what’s wrong with it and tell everybody. So you spend 23, 24 years doing that and you’re going to get down after a while.

Good news: Comedians take sadness and convert it into joy, like a tree takes CO2 and turns it into oxygen. Bad news: Do this long enough and it will make you miserable. (Or is there a way to avoid the "you're going to get down" part?)

P.S. Griffin is headlining at Gotham this weekend.

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