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A trailer for Andrew Zuckerman‘s Wisdom project

Here's a quote, around 7:30in, from architect Frank Gehry:

Your best work is expressing yourself. Now you may not be the greatest at it, but when you do it, you're the only expert in it.

When I teach students in architecture, I try to get them to understand that they have a signature. Their body, their hand-eye coordination, their biological makeup, does make them write their name differently than I write my name.

It's why you hear so much the advice that you should go personal. You're the biggest expert in the world when it comes to talking about yourself.


myq said...

Just to play devil's advocate, couldn't one view the idea that since you're the one who can most easily be an expert on yourself, that the more challenging work would be to be an expert on things outside of oneself? (e.g. what Carlin did?)

Put another way, ANYONE can be an expert on oneself, but it takes even more work/skill/talent to be an expert on other stuff.

PS Also, I didn't watch the whole video, just read the quote, but can't handwriting experts tell who wrote something regardless of what they wrote? Like if I sign my name or I sign your name, it's still ME signing it, and my writing, my essence is still captured. And putting this analogy towards art, YOU are always going to be in there, whatever you're writing and creating and performing, whether it's personal stories, absurdist thoughts, or observations about the world.

Not saying don't be personal. Just that that advice isn't the be-all end-all. (That's what I think, personally.)

Matt Ruby said...

re: "the more challenging work," if something is more challenging does that make it a more worthy endeavor? Or does it just make it harder?

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