Sat night (5/8) We're All Friends Here with JFOD, Yannis, and Ray Combs Jr.

It's almost here. Saturday night. We're All Friends Here @ The Creek. 8pm start time. Free. John F. O'Donnell. Yannis Pappas. Ray Combs Jr. 10-93 Jackson Ave in Long Island City (just one stop from Bklyn and Manhattan). One for the ages!

NY Comedy Examiner (p)review of the show:

Stories on We're All Friends Here (next show 5/8) usually contain heavy drinking, demoralizing sexual activity, illegalities and dark humanizing experiences that are sometimes funny and always captivating. The show has one gimmick that makes the deep and personal New York talk show particularly unique and that is the sailer cap dubbed "the racist hat." Legend goes that while wearing the racist hat one can make any racist remark in context and the New York liberals that attend the show cannot judge.

Hot Soup on Friday too (but I'll be at Lincoln Lodge in Chicago).

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Abbi Crutchfield said...

I think of it as the drunken sailor hat, because whatever comes out of a drunken sailor's mouth has diplomatic immunity. Also it's from the Love Boat and the people who wear it are usually drunk.

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