Something I wrote about my mom

A while back, ESPN's Bill Simmons penned a touching tribute to his father, who retired after 33 years as a school administrator.

Of course, we never read tributes about someone like my father for obvious reasons. We pay homage to athletes, entertainers and politicians. Real people don't get victory laps. So here's one for Dr. Bill Simmons. Congratulations, Pops. You made it.

That "real people don't get victory laps" sentiment reminded me of something I wrote about my mom — "The story of Ziva" — on the plane ride home from her funeral a few years ago. It's not funny or about comedy but it is pretty interesting. At least I think so. Since Mother's Day is coming up, thought I'd link it up here. It probably explains more than a bit about me too.


Abbi Crutchfield said...

That's a beautiful piece. You look like her too! Did she know you wanted to be a comedian / musician / performer?

Matt Ruby said...

Abbi, this was all pre-comedy but she knew about the other stuff I did.

Jonathan said...

Really nice to read this Matt.

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