Hot Soup on Friday with Dixon and Scovel

Boy, it's gonna be a lot tougher to get the blood of a Christian child for my matzah recipe this Passover. Maybe I'll use cocktail sauce instead. Anyway...

FRI (1/14): HOT SOUP
8pm - Free
O'Hanlon's Bar - 349 E 14th St between 1st and 2nd Ave.

Pat Dixon
Rory Scovel
Claudia Cogan
Nick Maritato
Jeff Maurer

I won't be there because I'll be at Spit Take Friday in Brooklyn. I'll be back next week. Now you know.

1 comment:

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Have fun at Spit Take!

This is a stellar lineup. Scovel is like Jell-o Pudding pops right now - you should get as much of him as you can because you never know when he won't be conveniently at arm's reach anymore.

Does your booker like chocolates or fruit baskets? Because complimenting her coat didn't work out for me like I thought it would.

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