Think Tank: NYC taxis and colleges

Mark and I keep giving our take on various NYC subjects every week at MSN's Postbox site for New York. Two of the latest videos below.

<a href='http://postbox.msn.com/?cityonwall=New+York&categoryid=8&q=New+York-All+Topics&videoId=f9b0f63e-4136-42b3-bcef-0d711e2e6f17' target='_new' title='LAUGH AT: NYC TAXIS' >Video: LAUGH AT: NYC TAXIS</a>

<a href='http://postbox.msn.com/?cityonwall=New+York&categoryid=8&q=New+York-All+Topics&videoId=585315b9-6ca3-4511-bec5-ca178b6af3c5' target='_new' title='LAUGH AT: NYC COLLEGES' >Video: LAUGH AT: NYC COLLEGES</a>

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