"A few things in common"

Sometimes aspiring comics read this blog and then send me emails about doing standup. Here's an excerpt from one:

I'm writing to you because you seem like a good guy who genuinely would like to help new comedians and I have a few things in common with you. For example, I'm 30 and have already lost a lot of hair, I can't go out in the sun either, because I get a new permanent mole every 15 minutes, and I have a Jewish stepfather. I'm not Jewish and I don't have any jokes about Jews, but I've been racking my brains to think of one.

Nice to know we've got a lot in common! I told him there's no way to make it in standup without jokes about Jews.

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Popsfu said...

Haha, I'm still working on my Jewish joke. Something about me being a half-ass Jew. Thanks for your advice. I've decided to stay in Taiwan a while longer and try to build up the comedy scene here. I co-produced a show last weekend.

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