"When you perfect, you go in the same direction as everybody else"

In clip below, Louis CK explains how his show is made up of first drafts. "I like this show to feel like it's right out of my gut or brain or balls," he says.

In David Chase Doesn’t Care About the Russian, the Sopranos creator describes a similar approach when discussing why that show ended the way it did.

“It just seemed right,” he suggests. “You go on instinct. I don’t know. As an artist, are you supposed to know every reason for every brush stroke? Do you have to know the reason behind every little tiny thing? It’s not a science; it’s an art. It comes from your emotions, from your unconscious, from your subconscious. I try not to argue with it too much. I mean, I do: I have a huge editor in my head who’s always making me miserable. But sometimes, I try to let my unconscious act out. So why did I do it that way? I thought everyone would feel it. That even if they couldn’t say what it meant, that they would feel it.”

Viva el gut.

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