Weird buzzwords from the writer's room

Raphael Bob-Waksberg writes on a TV show and decided to define some of the more esoteric buzzwords from that world. [via AC]

My fave:

Nakamora - not sure about the spelling of this one, but this is named for a line in a Taxi episode — “Paging Dr. Nakamora” — that got a huge laugh at the table read (for some reason beyond my understanding), so the writers added a bunch of callbacks to it throughout the script. At the taping of the show though, the first mention of Dr. Nakamora got no laugh, and every subsequent mention was increasingly painful for the writers, and the actors, and the audience. If your episode has a joke that dies immediately, but you know it has several callbacks yet to come, that’s a Nakamora.

Also included: bananas on bananas, hanging a lantern on it, and schmuck bait. Those all sound like good names for racehorses.

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