Chris Rock's final step in putting together new material

Chris Rock & David Spade interviewed by Howard Stern. Howard asks them if they use writers for their standup. Interesting answer from Rock where he talks about how he writes two hours of material and then brings in five guys to watch him work for a week in Florida and offer up tags. He uses comics he knows and new guys too: "Sometimes I'll see a new guy on Comedy Central or something and I'll go, 'Let me see what that guy's got.'" That'd be some call to get.

At 56:10, he talks about working out new material in small clubs and going to Hannibal's show at Knitting Factory. He says, "You can manage a little place on just attitude. 300 people, I can just kinda bullshit my way through this. Experience will kick in."

Speaking of, Hannibal's show was super fun last night. Standing room only/line-outside-the-door packed. Hot crowd too. Here's a shot of Joyelle Nicole hosting.


alexis said...

Am i the only one to be very disappointed when i hear about great comics like Chris Rock who needs help to write material (and i don't talk about buying other people jokes). Tell me! Am i the only one?


Matt Ruby said...

I've seen him work out new stuff and it's great. I'd guess these other guys are just helping him polish up stuff with some add'l tags. You can still think he's great. I do.

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