My fave quotes from "The Annotated Wisdom of Louis C.K."

Splitsider did a nice job coming up with The Annotated Wisdom of Louis C.K. Quotes that stuck out to me:

My uncles were all funny. My dad wasn’t funny, but my uncles were all funny. Now I go back and I like him better than them, they were manipulative funny. [AST, 2006]

Manipulative funny is an interesting frame. My interpretation of that in the standup world: Bait and switch/misdirection vs. an IDEA that's actually funny.

When you write from your gut and let the stuff stay flawed and don’t let anybody tell you to make it better, it can end up looking like nothing else. [Pitchfork, 2010]

Leaving the rough edges in makes it more, not less, beautiful. Wabi sabi!

Well, I think “likability” is an overused word. I don’t watch people ‘cause I like them; I watch them because they’re compelling. Sympathetic is a little different … Likable just thins you out. Working to make a character likable is what kills most TV shows. [Vulture, 2010]

Sympathetic vs. likable is an interesting split. Lets you move away from the whole "trying too hard" thing.

In case you missed, here's a big collection of Louis CK quotes and articles (mostly about his standup) I've mentioned in the past.

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