Lena, Ray Rice, Airbnb, Vooza, shows, and the rest of what I'm up to right now

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I like you for signing up for this list. I'm sorry I haven't been more attentive to this list. Now you know what it is like to date me.

Things to read
Here are some funny or ranty things I've written lately:
This is how I feel pretty
Team Lena
"This fall after Modern Family...it's IS-ish!"
Why we should let Ray Rice keep playing football
Wellsplaining to sick people
People who use Airbnb love to smile. You like smiles!
Upworthy is piousbragging
The college scam

Shows to see
Got a big week of comedy shows coming up. NY Comedy Festival is in town and I'm hosting a couple of shows as part of it:

Wed: Schtick or Treat (7th annual!)
Sun: We're All Friends Here (listen to the podcast)

And on Tuesday, I'll be at HOT SOUP, our weekly standup show in midtown, that's had some great guests lately (Aziz, Hannibal, Gaffigan, Silverman, etc.). FYI, we mail out the lineup every week to our HOT SOUP email list. Also doing a couple other spots at Triple Crown and Karma this week too. You can find all my gigs listed at MattRubyComedy.com.

Videos to watch
And Vooza, our show mocking startups, is still going strong (nearing episode 100!). Solidsmack wrote this about the show: "Silicon Valley is definitely worth a watch…If HBO isn’t your thing however and you still want to have some laughs at the expense of startup culture, the collection of shorts over at Vooza intelligently pokes fun at everything from crowdfunding concepts to product pitches and business card exchanges to product launch videos."

Join the Vooza email list to get a weekly update with our new videos. Some recent episodes I was in: I help the design team, our logo is worse than Airbnb's, there's a spaghetti western-ish duel over smartphones, a hackathon bait and switch, and I presented at a big conference in Amsterdam.

If you've got Apple TV (or similar service), you can now watch Vooza videos on your "real" TV via AOL On. Details here.



P.S. Sign up for the Club Scale email list if you wanna see my latest thing when it's out. It'll be really good.

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