The story behind Scrolling Ticker (Thursday night at UCB)

Scrolling Ticker at UCB on March 20

Scrolling Ticker with Matt Ruby is all set for Thursday night at UCB Theater at 6:30 PM. The concept: Standup comics perform and I type commentary at the same time which shows up on the screens at the theater (the comic can also see what I type and riff off it).

Just did a tech walkthrough at UCB Monday night and I think the setup will work well there. I've tried out the idea a couple of times in other venues but it'll be nice to do it at a theater that can handle the tech/lighting requirements (the tricky part: making sure that the comic is lit well yet keeping the room dark enough so the screen is still visible).

S&WSomeone asked me the other day why I'm doing this instead of a normal standup show. A few reasons: 1) I go see a lot of comedy shows and they all start to blur together after a while. So I wanted to create something different than the status quo. 2) It throws comics off their normal rhythm and forces 'em to freestyle a bit. I like that. It might not be funny all the time. It might be awkward. It's up in the air. 3) It increases the chances of a unique, you-had-to-be-there moment happening. 4) It brings me closer to my dream of being one of those old muppets in the balcony who gets to offer his .02 on everything.

The show will feature Rob Cantrell and Kumail Nanjiani, two of my fave comics in the city. They are also two guys who riff well and will probably get a kick out of the randomness of the whole thing. Let's see what happens!

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