Topics covered at Friday's WAFH

Thanks to everyone who came out to the We're All Friends Here show on Friday. People loved it and we learned a lot about our guests (and ourselves).

Topics covered included:
-Pubic hair maintenance techniques
-Jerking off with olive oil
-What Adrien Brody was like in high school
-Receding hairlines
-Why black men have big dicks
-What white people don't get about being black
-Homosexual experiences
-Tops, bottoms, and versatiles
-Lots more

It really felt like a group therapy session. Except you felt like a pussy if you didn't reveal something way too personal.

Plus, there was The Coatrack of Offensiveness (featuring the racist hat, the sexist tie, and the anti-semitic scarf). This all gives new meaning to the phrase "You had to be there."

Next one is Friday, June 13 at 8pm at The Creek and The Cave. Yup, Friday the 13th. Scary.

Also: The last Flying Carpet was a hot one too with great comics, a dash of improv, 10 Things I Hate, and a search through attendee shopping bags. Next Flying Carpet is Sunday, June 29 at Rififi at 8pm. First Sunday one so let's see how it goes. 8pm slot is nice for the working folks too.

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