McKibbin lofts and the problem with "artists"

This article about the artist-filled McKibbin lofts in Brooklyn says the hallways there are soaked in urine, people often play drums at 3 a.m., and the place is infested with bedbugs!

Yet check out this quote from an 18-year-old "poet" living there who gave his name as Eirehan Failte:

“Even when it’s really loud, it’s still better than some terrible stock-trading roommate listening to Fox in the next room.”

Really?! Is it? "Are you playing drums at 3am? Cool. Wait, are you trading stocks? Because capitalism keeps me awake!" Nothing's more annoying than a roommate who's got a job and can afford to pay the rent...how bourgeois.

And is Fox really that bad? If I was given a choice between watching Prison Break or having bedbugs, call me crazy, but I would take Prison Break. Even though bedbugs probably have a more realistic plotline. (At least there's no head bedbug who has a full body tattoo that includes hidden architecture blueprints of my bedroom.)

I can hear this kid talking about future roommates: "Yeah, my roommates are in Al Qaeda. But at least they don't like Coldplay!"

"My roommate's got the bird flu, but at least he doesn't care about the NASDAQ."

"Yeah, I live with Satan in the third circle of hell but it's cool since he really likes Donnie Darko...Yeah, I met him through Craigslist. Missed Connections. I put an ad on there that said, 'G train. 7:30pm. Wednesday. You: Red suit, horns, pitchfork. Me: Not intimidated.'"

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