10 things I hate: TravelZoo, RedEnvelope, Cute Overload, etc.

10 things i hateTravelZoo's ad campaign
"What's the deal with TravelZoo?" I don't know advertisement. Isn't that your job? I'm not looking for a homework assignment here. I'd like to see the other ads from this agency...a tourism ad: "Puerto Rico...Where is it?" A drug ad: "Valtrex...you know!" A beer ad: "Michelob...What do you think?"

10 things i hateRedEnvelope catalog
At the bottom of this catalog, it says, "How do you say, 'I love you'?" RedEnvelope, how did you know that this is EXACTLY how I say I love you?! I dump a barrell of rose petals on the bed, strip down to my boxers, and lift my girlfriend over my head while balancing her on my feet. Then we go into the hot tub, fill it with floating candles, and scrub each other with crystal loofahs while singing Feist songs to each other. 1, 2, 3, 4...

10 things i hateCute animals on the internet
Sites like Cute Overload are porn for chicks. An adorable pug sitting on an Eames chair? That's ridiculous...especially since his legs can't even reach the ottoman. I think the whole thing is Photoshopped anyway. [I was gonna say, "What kind of prick would photoshop that?" But then I remember that I'm the one who made these.]

10 things i hateGuys who complain that there were no chicks at Comic Con
That's like complaining that there's no bacon at a Seder. Also, this is a 100% real conversation that I heard:

Guy #1: I was really disappointed there were no chicks at Comic Con this year.
Guy #2: Do you really want a chick who's into comic books?
Guy #1: Yeah! Do you know how much I'm dying to have a girl bring up Hawkeye in bed?
Guy #2: You're dying to have a girl bring a hot guy in bed?
Guy #1: Hawkeye! Hawkeye in bed.
Me: [Astounded silence.]

10 things i hate"Dealing with Difficult People" seminar
If you need to attend a seminar called "Dealing with Difficult People," then you're the difficult person.

10 things i hateRidiculous fitness trends
Boot camp yoga? Yeah, 'cuz nothing creates the zen relaxation of yoga better than a drill seargant yelling at you. "I want a room full of downward facing dog poses and I want it NOW!"..."Where you from boy? Tennessee? There's only two kinds of yoga in Tennessee...Bikram and Vinyasa...and that don't look like Bikram to me! So you must be doing Vinyasa!" [Damn, you didn't see the Officer and a Gentleman reference coming now did ya?!]

10 things i hateSilly toilet reading material
What's the best way to show the world what a wealthy and smart businessman you are? A copy of Money Magazine on the toilet...obviously!

Also, I've never read "Money," but the promo headlines on the cover are some kind of generic: "Smart Moves in a Mean Economy," "The Two Things You Must Get Right," "Buy These Stocks (and Avoid These)," etc. Way to take a controversial stand Money Magazine! I'm guessing the inside headlines read like this: "Don't Buy Things That Suck." Or "Money is Good but Being Broke is Bad."

10 things i hateTourists who return home acting like natives of where they went
A guy I know went to Spain and came back pronouncing everything like he was a Spaniard: "We spent a week in BarTHalona. And then a couple of days in THaragoTHa." Dude, you're American...you THound like an aTHole. Comprendé? And take off that matador suit while you're at it.

10 things i hateRidiculously named reporters
I thought Storm Field had a ridiculous name but wow: The hip hop reporter for the New York Times is named "Mike Nizza." MIKE NIZZA!? I'm dying to meet him just so I can ask repeatedly, "Are you Mike Nizza?...ARE YOU MIKE NIZZA?" He'll probably go, "Fuck yeah I'm Mike Nizza. Writer for the New York Tizzle." This is making me uncomfortable. I think I'll just call him Mike N-word instead.

10 things i hateBad MySpace ads
I love this "Fleetwood Mac Ringtones!!!" ad. Man, they really nailed the Fleetwood Mac demographic with this guy. Actually, he looks more like a Stevie Nicks solo career fan.

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