I'm in Boston this weekend

I'll be in Boston this weekend for the Boston Comedy Festival and some other shows:

Friday, Aug 28 - 7:30pm The Gas @ Great Scott
Saturday, Aug 29 - 8:00pm Nick's Comedy Stop
Saturday, Aug 29 - 11:30pm Nightcap @ ImprovBoston
Sunday, Aug 30 - 7:00pm Boston Comedy Festival @ Hard Rock Cafe (tickets)

Remember back when Myq Kaplan gave me advice on competing in comedy contests? Well, we're head to head in this BCF prelim round! It's like Daniel vs. Miyagi! Or Skywalker vs. Yoda! Or one of Edward James Olmos' students vs. Edward James Olmos in that one movie where Edward James Olmos plays a teacher!


Matt Ruby said...

I think it's called "Stand (Up) and Deliver(y)."

myq said...

Are you sure it's not (Battle)Star Gal(actica)?

Or (Beverly Hills Chi)H(u)ah(u)a?

Or I really can't top Stand(up) and Deliver(y)?

I actually might do my impression of that guy though. It's very close to perfect. I call it "Edward James Almost."

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