Upcoming shows: SNC, DTMT, etc.

Tonight (Thursday) I'll be performing at Evan Morgenstern's SNC show:

SNC: Switzerland Neutral Comedy @ The Tank!!! w/John Mulaney!
The Tank, 354 W. 45th St btwn 8th and 9th (the 45th Street Theater)
Cost: $5

Come check out SNC’s last show at The Tank for now. What can I say? We’re like a rolling stone and moss gives us allergies. $5 admission with cheap booze and, as always, pretzels and cookies! This line up speaks for itself: Hosts: Jay Hoskins and Evan Morgenstern. Featuring: Ali Wong, Devin Sanchez, Rachel Axelrod, Daniel St. Germain, Ash Louis, Michael Lawrenece, Matt Ruby, Danny Rouhier, and special guest: John Mulaney!

And on Friday I'll be on Blaine Perry and Pat Stango's Don't Touch Me There, which is always fun.


List of other upcoming shows.


soce said...

Sweet! SNC is the best! EvanM ftw!

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Sorry I missed that! Did Mulaney shave his head, and did you paint freckles on your face for a switcharoo at the second show? Am I the only one who thinks you guys sound similar? (Not material. Just timbre. I think I'm using that correctly).

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