Upcoming shows: SNC, DTMT, etc.

Tonight (Thursday) I'll be performing at Evan Morgenstern's SNC show:

SNC: Switzerland Neutral Comedy @ The Tank!!! w/John Mulaney!
The Tank, 354 W. 45th St btwn 8th and 9th (the 45th Street Theater)
Cost: $5

Come check out SNC’s last show at The Tank for now. What can I say? We’re like a rolling stone and moss gives us allergies. $5 admission with cheap booze and, as always, pretzels and cookies! This line up speaks for itself: Hosts: Jay Hoskins and Evan Morgenstern. Featuring: Ali Wong, Devin Sanchez, Rachel Axelrod, Daniel St. Germain, Ash Louis, Michael Lawrenece, Matt Ruby, Danny Rouhier, and special guest: John Mulaney!

And on Friday I'll be on Blaine Perry and Pat Stango's Don't Touch Me There, which is always fun.


List of other upcoming shows.


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Blogger soce said...

Sweet! SNC is the best! EvanM ftw!

8/14/09, 11:39 AM  
Blogger Abbi Crutchfield said...

Sorry I missed that! Did Mulaney shave his head, and did you paint freckles on your face for a switcharoo at the second show? Am I the only one who thinks you guys sound similar? (Not material. Just timbre. I think I'm using that correctly).

8/14/09, 12:48 PM