Divorce Magazine?

magAttention fans of gag gifts! Know a married couple? Hoots guaranteed when ya subscribe one of the partners to Divorce Magazine. Just imagine the conversations that will follow the first issue's arrival in the mailbox.

Married already? Next time ya get in a fight with the spouse, just sit on the couch and leisurely read a copy. That's sure to settle things down in a hurry.

Also, note the mag's tagline at the site: Help for generation "ex" — because everyone knows: Divorce = a great time to pull out the puns.

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Abbi Crutchfield said...

Divorce Magazine should have been more creative with its title. "Moving On", "Coping" or "New Life" magazine. There's a reason Glamour doesn't call itself "Sex Quiz Monthly".

By the way I'm buying it just to read about what people felt they did wrong. And I'm doing the opposite. Unless it involves cooking in heels.

Anonymous said...

Why can't you get more than a four issue subscription? Do they think divorce is a short term commitment?

Blorp said...

Same publishing house as Bankrupt Magazine, Hepatitis Magazine, and other unfortunate things you probably don't want your mailman to know about.

Hank_Thompson said...

I wonder who advertises in Divorce Magazine. Lawyers, realtors, liquor, drywall repair services, special chainsaws for splitting furniture in half, bean bag chairs, etc.

Mike Lawrence said...

There needs to be a "Children of Divorce" magazine too. It'll just be a really sad version of Highlights. The "What's Wrong With This Picture" page will just have a photo of a mom and dad in love and kids will just have to figure it out for themselves. Just like they always do

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