Hot lineup (Garlin, Mulaney, Walsh, Sklar Bros., Hannibal) at CDR tonight

Now this is a lineup. Comedy Death Ray tonight (I'm hosting).


Advance reservations are sold out but there will be a stand-by line for the show.


Anonymous said...

"Uncle Tom" doesn't mean a person is acting white. It means they're complicit with their oppressors. Please fix your joke.

-A person who has read Uncle Tom's Cabin

Matt Ruby said...

Hey Anonymous-

Thanks for the feedback. The two terms sometimes go together. Check this research paper.

Many scholars have traced the roots of this gap back to the stigma of “Uncle Tom” among plantation slaves, describing “acting white” as a unique and powerful pressure that imposes unbearable social costs on blacks.

Also, this isn't very funny: "Haven't you noticed my teeth have been complicit with their oppressors lately?"

So I think I'll stick with the bit as is.

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