Patton and Scovel at Comix tonight

Usually I'd use this space to plug a show I'm on. Like Night of No BS at Parkside Lounge at 9pm tonight (1/12). That will be fun. Come on by.

If you don't, I suggest you go to Comix. Sean Patton and Rory Scovel co-headline (ticket info). They are two of my favorite comics in the city and rarely get to headline in NYC. Also, both are guys who you want to see stretch out and do a full 30 minutes. Too: Kumail is hosting and he never hosts.

Patton's done Live at Gotham and JFL but I still don't think industry gets it completely yet. Or he just doesn't fit into a neat little box (Letterman booker Eddie Brill said on a podcast about him: "He's really hilarious. One of the funniest guys I've seen in ages...[To Patton:] If you change to try and be on Letterman, I'll kill you.")

Every week at Kabin, he puts on a clinic. Blows it out of the water with different material each time. Soulful, personal, revealing, deep, and sometimes even poetic bits that take you somewhere. He did a 30-minute set at The Creek a few months back that was mindblowing. People still talk about it. There's a reason every comic in the room tunes in when Patton goes up.

And Scovel is great too. Does a weird southern character sometimes. Other times he's just his shroomy self. Wandering, riffing, and pushing ideas around.

Story I've heard about Rory: He was in the Seattle Comedy Competition years ago. He was on stage and two people left to go to the bathroom. He grabbed their chairs and brought them on stage and when they came back he made them sit in them and asked them questions. It crushed and he finished first. He didn't know if they had left or if they were ever going to come back but he took a risk and it paid off.

That's Rory. Never know what you'll get — but it's almost always hilarious.

Also, kudos to Comix for booking these guys. Other places rely on the same 'ol, same ol' all the time. Good to see a club that's willing to be a bit more progressive.


Rebecca V. O'Neal said...

Sean Patton is one of my favorite comics right now. I wish I was going to be in New York for this (or for anything, really. I've got to get to a coast!).

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Patton and Scovel get two nips up. Way up.

Funny Sports said...

Anyone who gets two nips up has to be something special. I'll check them out. hahaha

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