Video: I leave the stage to yell at heckler who won't shut up

Did a show for an online comedy TV station on Monday night. Supposed to do a clean set and not talk to the crowd at all (the producer made a point of that).

The problem: A table in the back kept yelling shit at the comics all night. Finally the club kicked them out — right before I went on.

Problem solved, right? Not so fast. The club still wanted money for their drinks and I guess the guys didn't want to pay. So plenty of yelling and shouting was going on between them and the club staff. All in the hallway right by the side of the stage.

Eventually the crowd got distracted. I could feel necks turning. Even I couldn't concentrate on my jokes. Though I knew I wasn't supposed to deviate from my set, I felt like an idiot for not addressing it. So I did.

Here's what happened:

It settled down after that so they must have shut up or left or something.

More clips of me dealing with unruly audience members:
Gay heckler yells "f*** you" at me (at Princeton University)
"This roomful of people would like you to stop talking" (at Sound Fix)


Abbi Crutchfield said...

Fun! I like the applause break when you step off stage. You're doing what they all secretly wished someone would do. I can't hear what you say to the guys, but the argument sounds like they piped down.

Good lesson in rolling with it and calling the elephant in the room.

Selena said...

Yeah-- great clips, Matt. I love when you riff on the guy's pickup lines at Soundfix-- fantastic.

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