"The finish didn't match the run"

Watching the World Cup the other day. Guy on Japanese team brought the ball all the way up the field with a bunch of nifty moves, faking out defenders left and right. Finally gets to the penalty box and finds an open space — but then hits a weak shot that goes wide. I liked how the announcer described it: "The finish didn't match the run."

Totally wanna use that as a comedy term. Y'know, for when there's a great setup/premise that seems like it's a real winner but then fizzles at the end with a lame punchline or some other ending that doesn't deliver on the premise's promise. The finish doesn't match the run.

Of course, this will prob work about as well as my attempt to use "on the crab" to describe a comic who keeps coming up with great new bits.

Oh, and reminds me of another phrase I wind up using a lot: a long walk. (Think I first heard Jon Stewart say it.) Basically that's when a setup requires a lot of explanation/time. OK if there's a big payoff. But if not, it's a waste. Then it's just a long walk for not a lot of laughs.


Rebecca V. O'Neal said...

Someone's trying to make fetch happen.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Yeah, a long walk to a closed pizzeria.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

I've been saying, "The finish didn't match the run" for years--whenever I have a nice manicure but a rip in my stockings.

Other expressions:
When you do a nice job in a televised competition but it gets cut in editing: you made a pie for your face.

When you schmooze casting folks and don't get the part: flirting with David Hasselhoff.

When you performed 5 minutes for a room full of comics: you taught for a year at a school for the deaf.

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