Jury duty

I'm at Brooklyn courthouse right now. Jury duty. It's an "adventure." Follow along at my Twitter if you like.

Trying to get out of jury duty. Wearing clown wig, bathed in Old Spice, saying I hate everyone...Y'know, my normal first date routine.

How it works at Brooklyn courthouse: Defendants = presumed innocent. Jurors = presumed idiotic.

Jury duty should be renamed New Adventures in Body Odor. This room smells like a Best Buy with a top note of Coney Island.

Guy next to me 1) talking about yoga & 2) wearing skull and crossbone socks. Flexible AND dangerous! A regular bikram pirate!!

It's sure to get all Law and Order-y soon, right?


Luke Thayer said...

I just had jury duty about a month ago. Murder trial.
I never want to do it again.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

"This room smells like a Best Buy with a top note of Coney Island."


Kath said...
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