Late night comic spots

Sean McCarthy points out Jimmy Kimmel Live is now using a makeshift club stage for comedians who appear on the show. Working in the Bud Light banner is clever but I wonder if another reason they went this tables-in-front route is because the old setup was bad for standup. Unconfirmed rumor I heard about the previous Kimmel set: The whole audience had to turn to face a different, on-the-side stage when a standup came out to perform. So the crowd is kinda far away and turned to the side throughout the comic's set.

Other random stuff about late night spots: I've heard Craig Ferguson films a bunch of standups at once. Then they edit them in to the regular shows over time.

Watching comics on Fallon, it's interesting to watch The Roots since they're right up onstage. Sometimes the band cracks up which is cool. But sometimes they're just stonefaced which has gotta be tough for a comic.

Also, AST lists all upcoming late night comic spots at its "Who's on What This Week" posts. But someone should start a Tumblr blog that's just embedded videos of all those appearances. All this standup is spread out all over the place. You could be like an online Comedy Central if ya just brought all those clips together in one place.


Luke Thayer said...

Maybe that should be a subsection of sandpapersuit

Matt Ruby said...

Too busy for that, Luke. To anyone: Feel free to steal the idea.

soce said...

Here's a start.

Well, by start I mean one single video.

Chad Riden said...

The problem is dealing with the copyright cops. Nate Bargatze asked me to put his first Conan clip on YouTube for him and NBC/Universal very quickly insisted they take it down.

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