How I killed Rue McClanahan

Got roped into playing a few rounds of Fuck/Marry/Kill a few weeks back.

(Trust me, it wasn't my choice. I don't even really get that game. If you marry someone, don't you still get to fuck them? So if you really want to fuck someone a lot, shouldn't you marry them? Anyway...)

In the last round, I was given three options: Betty White, Susan B. Anthony, and Rue McClanahan. I chose to kill Rue McClanahan. So I was pretty shocked to wake up the next morning to this headline: "Rue McClanahan, Actress and ‘Golden Girls’ Star, Has Died." Eerie. (This is all 100% true btw.) So, uh, keep in mind that either 1) I am a wizard who can kill you with my mind or 2) That game is legit and I now have to screw Betty White.

Perhaps my favorite part of the whole thing was the gal throwing out names didn't realize that Susan B. Anthony was NOT actually one of the actresses on the Golden Girls. Apparently there was some B. vs. Bea confusion.

But I think I like the game more this way, using two current pop culture references and one random historical figure. "Fuck, marry, kill: Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Harriet Tubman." Because really, who hasn't wondered what Harriet Tubman was like in the sack? Hey, maybe she even had a sex move called "The Underground Railroad."

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