NYC shows to catch for good newer comics

BTR's comedy guru Marcus Parks gave this advice on Facebook to a friend about NYC shows you can find good newer comics at:

You oughta start going to shows like Comedy as a Second Language at Kabin on Thursdays, Too Cool for School at Coco 66 every other Friday, Hot Soup at O'Hanlon's on Fridays, Dog Shit (my favorite) at Legion Bar the first Thursday of every month, The MacGyver Show again at Legion the first and fourth Thursday of every month, Little Seany Boy at Ochi's on Saturdays, and many, many more.

Def a good lineup of shows to check out if you wanna see the next wave. Also, they're all free.


soce said...

There are lots of great inexpensive shows in East Village and LES where you can find new comics performing. I made a list of over 50 of them right here.

BoboZariFood said...

awesome, thanks for putting that together, soce.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

You rock soce!

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