Bringing standup to the screen

In this interview, CK talks about bringing his standup to the screen on Louie.

The way that it comes out of the standup is that a lot of the ideas start as stand up ideas of what I end up filming, so I kind of make a decision, what's the funniest way to execute this? Is it going to be to just say it on stage, or is it going to be to see it as a film?

Made me think of one bit he does about how there's no masturbation equivalent for people who love food.

For sex, there's masturbation, but for food, there's nothing. You don't watch Food Network, like...[rubs his tongue as if he's jerking it off]...oh, yeah!

When I was watching the show, I felt like that bit was the seed for this scene...

...except he's going for laughs purely through visuals/editing instead of through words.

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