Dissecting MLK's “I Have a Dream” speech

Nancy Duarte maps out Martin Luther King Jr.,’s “I Have a Dream” speech to "illustrate the shape of rhetorical genius." Would be interesting to see this done to a great standup routine.

Related: "The chain: Barack Obama to Chris Rock to Ice Cube" was a post here that quoted Chris Rock talking about political speeches.

I got a music iPod and a comedy iPod. One is all comedy and spoken word, every speech, Kennedy, Martin Luther King, whatever...There's a lot of preachers in there, a lot of gospel stuff, a lot of stand-up. What I do, what a preacher does, what the president's doing, it's all the same -- you're picking your topic, and you're arguing your point. The president's trying to get an applause break; I'm trying to get a laugh. The preacher's trying to get an amen.

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Abbi Crutchfield said...

Very interesting!

I use pop culture references like brand name junk food and mattress commercials to connect with my people.

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