Kevin Meaney, Todd Glass, and "rake bits" in standup

Matteson asked, "Curious if you can think of any stand up bits that could be considered a "rake bit". There must be some. Would take some real balls to power through the middle sections without laughs."

On his WTF (at 34:00 into the podcast), Todd Glass called funny-then not funny-then funny again bits "Kevin Meaney funny." Here's why:

Glass then talks about how David Cross bet him $2,000 when they were on tour together. The bet? That Glass couldn't drag out his Sham-Wow bit, where he lists various uses for a rag, for two and a half minutes. When Glass did it, he says it went great.

They lost me and then they came back...There's a point where they're all thinking, "Yeah, we get the joke. We get it. It's up and down. And you're gonna keep doing it. And we're gonna laugh more. And we're not. We've been through our cycle."

And then if you do it, they go, "Alright." You break them down.

Some other rake bit suggestions in the comments of that post here last week.

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Unknown said...

Speaking of Todd Glass, there's his CCP where he does that bit basically using that stand-up trope of "I like to do [INSERT RIDICULOUS THING YOU DON'T ACTUALLY DO]," and repeats a bunch of different versions of it faster and faster. I'd consider that a rake bit. The fact that it's getting faster and louder is part of the punchline, but the amount of time spent on it is part of why it's funny as well. If I remember correctly, it also takes a dip in the middle and then gets the audience back in a big finish at the end.

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