Upcoming shows: DC area, Hot Soup, and WAFH

Hot Soup
Friday's (4/1) lineup:

Nate Bargatze
Alex Koll
Josh DiDinato
Erik Bergstrom
Emily Heller
David Cope
Matt Ruby (hosting)

Hot Soup!
Every Friday at 8pm
O'Hanlon's (back room)
349 E 14th St between 1st and 2nd Ave. (map)
Produced by Matt Ruby, Mark Normand, Andy Haynes, and David Cope

More upcoming shows
Wed 3/30 - 8pm - Ha Ha @ Ri Ra (Arlington, VA)
Thu 3/31 - 11am - Chesapeake College (students only)
Wed 4/06 - 10pm - We're All Friends Here @ The Creek (LIC)
Mon 4/11 - 7:30pm - Case of the Mondays @ Manchester Pub (NYC)

1 comment:

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Don' you go rounin' roun to Ri Ra.

That lineup is so hot you'll have to change the show to sizzlin' soup!

Tell your booker I now wear sweaters, a low pony tail, and I have grown a beard. I've totally changed my old style.

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