Jeff Ross on roasting, Giraldo, and Shaq

A great (audio) interview with Jeff Ross:

Bill Simmons is joined by Roastmaster General Jeff Ross to discuss the Donald Trump roast, classic and untelevised roasts, Greg Giraldo's death and more.

Really interesting stuff, esp if you care about roasts at all. Cool to hear what a good sport Shaq was about this roast (below).

Ross met him that afternoon and asked if he'd be a good sport. Shaq said, "Nobody ever told me to hold back on the basketball court, I don't want you to hold back on the dais." Now that's the attitude ya wanna see from a roastee.

Here's a good Ross quote about "crossing the line": "There is no line. There's funny and not funny." After that, he compared the Michael Richards incident to the Flava Flav roast:

As soon as you do the same [racial] subjects in the hands of professional comics, it was a slam dunk home run. Hilarious show...These things can bring people together. As much as they can separate people like Michael Richards did, the same subjects, the same words can make people better friends. And that's what being a professional comedian is for.

Here's the whole thing.

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J-L Cauvin said...

Yep - it was an excellent interview.

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