Louis CK tees off on heckler

The ol' 1) ask nicely → 2) take 'em down approach.

Loud talker. CK says, "When you talk, I hear it in my ear and it fucks up my timing and it makes my job hard. So could you not talk during my act please?"

Guy decides to go back at him. Big mistake. CK rips him. Crowd boos the guy. CK: "People that don't know you hate you. That can't feel very good."


Mo Diggs said...

This is the comedian that the heckler thinks is better than Louis CK


Josh Homer said...

Erin is a different kind of funny than CK. So don't play her out. She is a lovely talented woman, and one of the hardest working comics doing this. For reals. And one of the nicest you will ever meet.

Mo Diggs said...
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Mo Diggs said...

Erin Jackson is a different kind of funny than Louis CK. I do not find her funnier than him but I realize that sounds more like an insult to her than a defense of Louis CK so for that I apologize.

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