Bridgetown and other west coast dates

I'm headed west. Doing shows at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival (details) and then up to Seattle and British Columbia. Let's talk about trees.

Upcoming dates
Apr 11 - 9pm - Buck Nelson Show @ The Gutter (Brooklyn)
Apr 12 - 10pm - Hot Soup at Bridgetown! @ Hawthorne Theatre Main (Portland, OR)
Apr 13 - 7pm - Bridgetown All-Stars @ Eagles Lodge (Portland, OR)
Apr 14 - 11pm - Tabor Lounge Late Night @ Mt. Tabor Theater Lounge (Portland, OR)
Apr 15 - 7pm - BOG Early Show @ Bar of the Gods (Portland, OR)
Apr 18 - 8pm - Comedy Underground (Seattle, WA)
Apr 19 - 9pm - Avalanche (Courtenay, BC)
Apr 20 - 9pm - Hecklers Comedy Club (Victoria, BC)
Apr 21 - 9pm - Hecklers Comedy Club (Victoria, BC)
Apr 24 - 8:30pm - Three of Cups (NYC)

Hot Soup
And though I won't be there, Hot Soup is happening this Friday at UCB-East. The lineup:

Damien Lemon
Phil Hanley
Joe Machi
Sam Morrill
Host: Mark Normand

Friday, Apr 13
155 E. 3rd Street (at Avenue A)
Doors at 8:45pm, showtime at 9pm. $10 tickets.
Produced by David Cope, Mark Normand, and Matt Ruby.
Make a reservation.

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