The day Biggie met Tupac

Loved this bit from "How Ya Livin Biggie Smalls?" It's Dan Smalls' (former intern at Uptown Records) account of when Biggie and Tupac met. It involves weed, a cypher, playing with guns, and cooking steaks. So yeah, basically the coolest day that's ever happened.

So Big is talkin’ and Tupac is like “Yo what else you gotta do today?” And Big looks at me, and I knew at that point, cancel anything else we had scheduled. It was gonna be a wrap. Pac’s like, “Let’s go to my house.” So Tupac and Big, Greg Nice, myself and Groovey Lew [Big’s stylist], we all go to Tupac’s house. Pac had this bag, I mean, a clear, big freezer bag of the greenest vegetables I’d ever seen. Big was so happy!

We went back to Pac’s house and they just rolled up: Big was rolling, Pac was rolling, Greg was rolling, Groovey Lew was rolling, it was just going back and forth. Next thing you know, they started a cypher. We sitting at the house, Big is flowing, Pac is flowing, Greg is flowing, and me and Lew is just sitting there like, Yo, the moment of hip-hop for us has reached its high.

After the freestyle session, Pac went into his room and pulled out this green army bag, and dumped it onto the floor. And it was, like, 25 guns. Handguns, machine guns… So now, here we are, in this backyard running around with guns, just playing. Luckily they were all unloaded. While we were running around, Pac walks into the kitchen and starts cooking for us. He’s in the kitchen cooking some steaks. We were drinking and smoking, and all of a sudden Pac was like, “Yo, come get it.” And we go into the kitchen and he had steaks, and French fries, and bread, and Kool-Aid and we just sittin’ there eating and drinking and laughing. And you know, that’s truly where Big and Pac’s friendship started.

So this needs to be made into a movie, right? Hollywood: Frost/Nixon that shit. Also, Groovey Lew is one sweet nickname.

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