Canuck yuks

So I'm back from my Pacific NW adventure. Great shows at night and pretty nature by day. Nice little combo that. Here are some photos of the gigs/scenery.

After the Bridgetown fest and Bellingham show, we did a great show in Seattle at Chop Suey. Here's Jamie Lee onstage:

Chop Suey (Seattle, WA) (Taken with instagram)

From there, I took the train up to Canada. While looking for the location of
Seattle's train station, I found a bunch of Google reviews of the train station. They are very insightful. Example: "Trains are too mainstream. I prefer working on fishing boats."

Nice scenery on the train ride and I prepped for my encounter with customs. Those guys always have a good sense of humor so I like to put my prank hat on! I considered telling them I'm The Jackal. Or confessing I had a suitcase full of MDMA. Or telling them I was transporting nuclear secrets to Iran.

In the end, I told them I'm helping Iran build an MDMA bomb. With one of those, Iran would be able to turn Israel into a dubstep rave. It's the only thing scarier than being destroyed!

Speaking of drugs, I spent 4/20 weekend in Victoria, British Columbia which was almost redundant. Having a holiday to celebrate weed there is like having a holiday to celebrate plastic surgery in LA. Lovely folks though. And fun shows with Vancouver comedian Dan Quinn.

Heckler’s (Victoria, BC) (Taken with instagram)

As for comedy, it was great to get on a roll of doing good shows and long sets in front of packed houses. Whole different animal than doing 8 mins at an East Village bar. Also, going to somewhere like Courtenay in BC made me think how there are places that are dying for comedy and don't get any while NYC is so saturated. Getting outta town to tell jokes really makes sense from a supply/demand perspective.

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