“Bundle of mischief” monkey tests high

Why are comedies on TV so unfunny? Well check out this article: Comedies Lead the Way for the Next TV Season.

At the NBC presentation at Radio City Music Hall on Monday, a capuchin monkey shared the spotlight with the human stars of the network’s new and returning prime-time series. The monkey, named Crystal, is being billed as a co-star of a new Wednesday sitcom, “Animal Practice,” about a New York veterinarian. Preview clips featured Crystal — named Dr. Zaius in the show, after a simian from “Planet of the Apes” — as much as its human cast members.

Jennifer Salke, president of the NBC Entertainment division of NBCUniversal, lauded the monkey as a “bundle of mischief” and said it tested the highest of any character in the series. As a video screen in the theater displayed Crystal seated next to Justin Kirk, who plays the veterinarian, Ms. Salke told Mr. Kirk, “Don’t worry, you tested right behind him.” The look on Mr. Kirk’s face suggested the humor might have escaped him.

Let's just put on a show that's all monkeys. Think how high that would test.


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aalap said...

You need a human to play the straight man in these situations. The straight man always tests worse.

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