Louis CK on saying the things that are gnawing at his head

Louis CK talked about his breakthrough moment on Unmasked a while back. He says it was when he started talking about his daughter being an asshole...

...It went well and that changed his approach. on Unmasked he explained:

I decided I'm not gonna come up with jokes anymore. I'm not going to try to think of funny things to say. I'm going to say the things that are gnawing at my head. Any thought that I've been having a lot, I'm just gonna say it. And all of a sudden, a huge amount of lifelong fear was just gone. I just didn't care.

I get away with it for some reason. Some of it is just because I'm very convicted about it. I just felt impervious to criticism because I wasn't making jokes, I was just talking. I was just saying how I felt for once. So that was huge for me.

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