George Carlin on euphemisms

The first 2.5 minutes of this isn't really funny. But it's amazing. Reminds me of Orwell in how it shows the power of words to hide the truth.

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Neil Constantine said...

What an amazing bit.

The first 2.5 are probably the best part of it to me. How he was able to settle into that not funny at the beginning speaks so loud.The detail of the story, the ride you go on and the pay off of it is astounding. You feel the tension, but you also feel the trust of the crowd and; of course, the confidence of George. Then from there, you're taken on a ride that you hope keeps going. Every time I see this bit, I just want it to keep going. One of those bits that's like the end of a rock song you're sad that has an end. You just want him to keep revealing these truths about our language.

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