The internet is a lie

Those Sony hackers aren't actually going to pull off another 9/11. Breaking Bad fanboys aren't actually going to murder Skyler White. Despite his profile, that guy's profession is not actually "Standup Comedian." And no one is actually laughing at loud at his pun. That girl's photos are not actually "gorgeous." And using a hashtag does not actually make someone an activist. Most of our "Friends" on Facebook are actually strangers. No tweet is actually our "Favorite" because when you say everything is your favorite thing then nothing is your favorite thing. And if we're all so "connected," why do we all feel so damn lonely? We need to stop pretending this fantasy world is real life. It's catfish all the way down. OK, hope you "Like" this post!

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Luciano Leal said...

The only internet truth? "Skip Ad"

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