Getting it on at Little Caesar's

A friend of mine worked at a Little Caesar's restaurant, showed up for work early one morning, and walked in on the manager of the restaurant fucking a woman...made out of PIZZA DOUGH.

A woman made out of pizza dough...because, as we all know, the worst part of sex with a real woman: You can't BAKE her afterwards.

I mean this guy is an innovator. He's like the MacGyver of masturbation: "See this penis pump? I made it out of a paper clip, some baking soda, and a dugout canoe."

Does he have a real girlfriend? Maybe he gets confused sometimes. She's all: "Honey, you're acting weird in bed lately. You sprinkle flour all over the sheets. You keep tossing me up in the air. And why were you so happy when I got a yeast infection?!"

I bet he sticks with this trend in other ways too. Like when he has a birthday party where a woman jumps out of a cake, it's actually a woman made out of cake.


Mo Diggs said...

Strong finish

Abbi Crutchfield said...

In these desperate economic times, flour, yeast, water and salt are still cheaper than an inflatable woman. Hats off to ingenuity!

PS: Little Caesar's still exists?

Anonymous said...

Dude I heard about this story too 15 years ago

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