Why do white people smell like wet dogs?

Fun racial fact from Saturday night's We're All Friends Here show: White people smell like wet dogs! Didn't you know? There's even a book about it. But why? This message board comment from "watitdos little cousin" gives the answer.

when the white people were living in the cabes of Europe 4000 thousand years ago... they lived the life of a beast... walking stooped over on all fours... eating raw meat... and killing their newborn by smashing their heads against the cave walls.

the wild dog was a animal animal that they tamed and used to help them hunt and track... and also they were used as watch dogs.

now... when the cavemen went out to hunt... they took some dogs with them and left the other dogs there at the caves to watch out for the young caveys and the women.

now everybody knows that the white woman is a natural freak... she started having sex with these dogs.

after 2000 years of the sperm of the dog entwining with the flesh of the woman... now today when white people get wet or sweat... they smell just like a dog.

that is why you are quick to see white people with dogs... especially white women that have those little ones... is because they smell like dog and they can pass it off on the real dog that they are holding under their arms.

some white people odor is not as strong as others... but if they get wet or sweat you will smell it.

they cannot help it.

and i am NOT making fun of them... it is just the truth.

"Everybody knows that the white woman is a natural freak." Classic. Btw, some guy named "Satan Slayin Mike" concurs...

Teach brutha, teach.

Smell a White person fresh out of a summer rainstorm at around 95 degrees on a extremely humid day.




Anonymous said...

Umm i dont think that is historicly acurrate sir

Anonymous said...

Um... okay weirdo. It actually has to do with levels of sulfate but go off.

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