Obama's oratory

Here's how I feel about Obama getting elected: It's like someone just cleaned my bathroom for me. I'm very grateful. And happy I don't have to look at that shit anymore.

One good thing about Obama for comedians: It will be nice to have a president who can actually speak. Someone who respects words (and knows how to pronounce "nuclear").

Reminds me that Chris Rock has an iPod where he keeps solely comedy performances and political speeches. I've never really studied great speeches this way, but I can see how a comic could learn a bunch from doing so. With Obama, it's been interesting to listen to the rhythm of how he speaks, the way he uses taglines as callbacks (e.g. "Yes we can"), how he rotates in fresh material, etc.


Anonymous said...

i was just thinking that myself. nice post. funny too!

Matt Ruby said...

My other analogy: I feel like the entire country had a giant enema last night. Feels good to have that cleared up. (For some reason, the past eight years lead me to shit analogies.)

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