9/11 We're All Friends Here and more upcoming shows

Tonight (Thu) I'll be at Topaz in DC.

Tomorrow night (Fri) is Hot Soup (details at Facebook) with the following lineup:

Helen Hong
Danny Solomon
Julian McCullough
Roger Hailes

Cope's hosting, Mark's doing a spot, I'm resting, and Andy's in Seattle after his big Fallon spot last night. Watch it below.

Saturday is the special 9/11 edition of We're All Friends Here at The Creek in LIC. Here's Mark's writeup from Facebook:

Woooeee! We're back for another installment of the chat show with boundary issues. It's 9/11 so we are having our sad show. You are not gonna want to miss this one, Tom might actually cry. So come out and support your country at We're All Friends Here.

This month we've got:

Tom Sibley - Sob Story
Jonathan Powley - Asian loving weirdo
Calise Hawkins - Asha

This is gonna be a doozy!!!

Next week I'll be at Joe Schmoe at Hog Pit (Mon), CSL at Kabin (Thu), Hot Soup at O'Hanlons (Fri), and Too Cool for School at Red Star (Fri). Details on those and other future shows here.

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