Seattle shows this week at Comedy Underground and Parlor Live

Had a great time up in Victoria and Vancouver in BC. Check my Twitter for details. I'm now in Seattle so come on out and say hey if you're in the area...

TUE 9/28 - 8:30pm - Seattle Comedy Underground
THU 9/30 - 9:30pm - Parlor Live Comedy Club (cancelled)
THU 9/30 - 9pm - Thurst Lounge (Seattle)
FRI 10/1 - 8:30pm - Seattle Comedy Underground
FRI 10/1 - 10:30pm - Seattle Comedy Underground
SAT 10/2 - 8:30pm - Tacoma Comedy Underground
SAT 10/2 - 10:30pm - Tacoma Comedy Underground
SUN 10/3 - TBD

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Abbi Crutchfield said...

BTW, way to go out there! Safe travels back.

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